Master in Theatre – specialization in Direction


Exercícios #3 | Exercise by 1th year students of the Master in Theatre, specialization in Direction, at the ESTC | 2014

The two-year Master program in Theatre-Direction results from the restructuring of the superior education in Portugal as a consequence of the Bologna Process and it is characterized by its professional emphasis in the directing process and activity.

The first year divided into two semesters has a strong basis in courses that either assist or function as technical and theoretical tools for directing or constitute the directing activity in itself, related or not with the work of texts. The fundamental aim is to form directors who are capable of doing practical research, finding the proper artistic solutions demanded in each specific case in a professional context.

The second year, divided into two semesters, is specially designed for the creation and execution of an original object that is supplemented with a written dissertation or artistic report, after which the degree is obtained.

This program promotes and depends on national and international cooperation not only from theatrical institutions and companies, but also from professionals whose affiliation belongs to an academic context.

David Antunes

Carlos J. Pessoa