Master in Theatre – specialization in Theatre and Community


Quem te Ensinou a Mentir? | Exercise by 1th year students of the Master in Theatre, specialization in Theatre and Community, at the ESTC | 2014

The two-year Master program in Theatre & Community results from the restructuring of the superior education in Portugal as a consequence of the Bologna Process and tries to establish the necessary links between theatre and theatrical activity and the community in its various forms.

The idea is to create the basis for a theatrical and artistic education in a specific sociological and anthropological context, namely, theatre for elementary through high school students, theatre for minorities, theatre for the elderly, etc.

The program emphasises a strong knowledge of the specific anthropological and sociological configurations of a particular context in order to present and create the proper theatrical activity in that context.  Also, what is stressed is the potential theatrical dimension of our daily lives that needs to be discovered, acknowledged and promoted.

The second year of this program is devoted to the creation of an autonomous project in a specific social context with people belonging to that context and it is supplemented with a written dissertation or project-report, after which the degree is rewarded.

Armando Nascimento Rosa

José Pedro Caiado