Research Centre


Writing for the Stage Meeting | 2011 | Photo © Pedro Azevedo

The CIAC appeared in 2008, as a result from the merging of two, previously unfunded, research centers: the Center for Research in Communication Sciences and Arts (University of Algarve) and the Research Centre for Theatre and Film (Lisbon Theatre and Film School). Currently, it also integrates researchers from the Open University, partner in the creation of the PhD Course in Digital Media Arts, and the Higher Institute of Maia.

Acting in the field of Art Studies, CIAC has always maintained an interdisciplinary character, developing research in the field of Art Studies (Arts, Cinema, Theatre) and Communication and, more recently, in the production of digital platforms and digital artifacts.

In order to promote their projects and share knowledge and experiences with the public, both the specialized and the general public, CIAC regularly organizes scientific meetings, which brings together researchers in the area and makes known the research projects and the results of the center. CIAC also develops an editorial line for the dissemination of scientific and artistic research.

It is also worth mentioning that CIAC develops post-graduate training at the 2nd Cycle, 3rd Cycle and post-doctoral level programs.

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