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Curta Metragem "Soulleimane"
Curta Metragem "Soulleimane"

Bachelor in Film Studies

Bachelor in Film Studies

The cinema course, delivered by the film department of the National Theatre and Film School, allows the student to liaise the know-how training with project design to completion, in an historical, aesthetic and poetic perspective, through a mix focus in theory, practice and shared reflection.

The course elects the 6 key areas enshrined by the film industry and which reference counterparts schools also adopt: Scriptwriting, Production, Directing, Image, Montage and Sound.  

The film course professors belong to a memorable generation of national directors, producers and scriptwriters that now, along with other professionals, participate in the adventure of making today's Portuguese cinema.

*all courses are taught in Portuguese


1) The first year (semester 1 and 2) consists of a set of curriculum units, compulsory for all students, providing a theoretical and practical training in the six reference areas, convergent, in terms of hands-on practice, i.e. teamwork, in the Film Production Seminar. Units of the Studies area, of historical and aesthetic, complete the curriculum.

2) The second year (semester 3 and 4), constituting the first moment of the student's choice of profile, subdivides into three branches (Image, Montage Sound), each of which integrates two specific training curriculum units, per semester; these students will combine, by their choice, curriculum units belonging to the other three key areas (Scriptwriting, Production and Directing.  

3) The third year (semester 5 and 6), constitute the second moment of the choice by the student, subdivide again into the six branches, each of which integrate three specific training curriculum units, per semester; the student chooses a final specialization, of which the diploma will come to make mention.




The General Board of the IPL has fixed the value of the international student's annual undergraduate or master's degree for the school year 2020/2021 at  €6900, 00  (six thousand and nine hundred euros)