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Office of International Relations | GRIMA

Office of International Relations | GRIMA

The Office of International Relations and Academic Mobility (GRIMA) is a service of the centralized organic structure of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon giving direct support to the development of international relations and with the external entities to ESTC. GRIMA competes to manage and publicize internally the projects agreed upon with public or private entities, national or foreign, as well as the community programs in which the School is involved.

In case the possible candidate does not have access credentials to the Netp@ system should please apply for them via the email:, before starting the application registration.

The serial results will be published by March 31   being the eligible period for running the teaching / training assignments by March 31 of the following year.

Elapses between February 20 and March 20  the application period for realization of teaching assignments (teaching-STA) and missions for training (training-STT) within the framework of the Erasmus + Mobility Program.


The applications should be carried out through the IPL Portal-


Application procedure for Docents and Non-Docent staff

Non-teaching faculty and staff interested in carrying out an Erasmus mobility for training should be mindful of the disclosure of the application deadline, download the application form where they must indicate the partner institution (s) where they intend to carry out the mobility, by selecting it (s) from among the cast of partnerships and available areas, and deliver / send the duly completed and signed form to / to the GRE, along with the work programme.

When the documents are re-registered in the IPL, the lecturers / staff will be called to the Office of International Relations and Academic Mobility (GRIMA) of the IPL-Central Services-to sign the Erasmus contract.

Access to the system will be done through the credentials already in use for access to the NetP@ system, choosing the options:

Mobility: Out / Tipo: Employee


Following the strategy of the Management Bodies of the School, the activities developed by the External Affairs Office are related to national and international cooperation with other institutions in matters of teaching, research and artistic activities, and activities in the community.

The External Affairs Office special abilities are:

  • To prepare and execute the Bilateral Agreements with national and international partners;

  • To search, publicize and carry out the mobility programmes that might be of particular interest for students, teachers and staff, especially the European programme Erasmus+;

  • To follow up and support the graduate students in their professional lives;

  • To support and coordinate the organization of curricular and extra-curricular activities in the School, or in partnership with other institutions.



Coordinator GRIMA   |  Carla Ruivo


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