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phd artes
phd artes

PhD in Performative Arts, Image and Motion

PhD in Performative Arts, Image and Motion

The Doctorate in Arts (Performative Arts and the Image in Movement), jointly created between the University of Lisbon and the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, is aimed particularly at the masters in the areas of the Artistic Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, but also to the relevant curriculum holders in these areas or related areas, and for which the regulation provides for a system of accreditation.

This cycle of studies presents a curriculum organisation that combines compulsory seminars and optional, reconciling the theoretical strand and artistic practice, maintaining this double valence throughout your study plan. It aims to provide students with the knowledge, techniques and supervision necessary to carry out original and solid research work in various subfields of the Artistic Studies, namely Theatre, Cinema, Music and Dance, and all the theoretical extensions of these domains in the area of the Humanities, as well as to allow theoretical reflection on art and art to be able to integrate harmoniously into one research.


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The Doctoral Fellowships (BD) are intended for applicants who meet the necessary conditions of the study cycle entrance conducive to obtaining the academic degree of doctor and who wish to develop research work conducive to achieving this degree.

The work of research will be able to be developed in any knowledge-intensive environment, specifically in collaboration with companies, and the host institution (s) may be: units of R & D; State Labs; Associated Laboratories; Collaborative Laboratories; or Interface Centres.

The work programme may take place fully or in a partial manner at a national institution (scholarship in the country or mixed bag, respectively), or course in full at a foreign institution (overseas exchange). In the case of mixed scholarship, the period of the work program that decorates in a foreign institution may not exceed two years.

The duration of the BD is, as a rule, annual, renewable up to a maximum of four years, and may not be granted for a period of less than three consecutive months.

In a general way, they may apply for national citizens, citizens of other member states of the European Union, citizens of third states who hold, up to the date of commencement of the scholarship, title of residence in Portugal valid or who are beneficiaries of long-term resident status, or citizens coming from countries with which Portugal has entered into reciprocity agreements.

At the fellowships whose work plan decorates, in whole or in part, in foreign institutions, they can only apply for citizens (domestic or foreign) who voucher to reside permanently and customarily in Portugal.

The applications must be submitted electronically, should there be open competition, in the form available, in the tender portal for fellowships

Each candidate will be able to present only a single candidacy.



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