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Master's degrees in Theatre

Master's degrees in Theatre

The Lisbon Theatre and Film School (ESTC) of the Polytechnical Institute of Lisbon (IPL) was created in 1986, having resulted from the reconversion of the National Conservatory, an institution with origins attributable to Almeida Garrett.

ESTC offers first cycle, as well as Masters degrees in Theatre and Film, and is a part of the Arts Doctorate (PhD) programme with the University of Lisbon.
ESTC has established itself both nationally and internationally as a reference in the fields of Theatre and Film and is part of important international organizations such as ITI – International Theatre Institute / UNESCO Chair, the CILECT – The International Association of Film and Television Schools, the GEECT – European Grouping of Film and Television Schools, the ELIA – European League of Institutes of Arts, and the École des Écoles.

With a firm belief in the importance of internationalization, the school has reinforced its active participation in mobility programmes for both students and faculty, such as specific programmes like Erasmus+, and bi-lateral programmes with universities from Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico).

In regard to the Theatre Department and the national plan, the school maintains a close relationship with multiple theatre companies and related institutions, guaranteeing that student-produced shows are presented on stages like D. Maria II National Theatre, Maria Matos Theatre, Belém Cultural Centre, Cinemateca, Taborda Theatre, among others.

The school prioritises a dynamic relationship between artistic practice and academic research, establishing these as the two profiles that characterise the faculty body: artists and researchers. This double focus enables us to provide our students with the essential skills of any creative theatre: reflection and construction, in the service of creation.

The Master’s degree in ESTC provides candidates with the following specialization options: Production, Scene Design, Direction, and Theatre and Community. Together, they deepen the knowledge and skills necessary to create artistic projects, determine professional journeys, and serve the public interest of communities.
In order to respond to the needs of the community and the expectations of newly graduated students, ESTC participates in education development programmes, such as theatre for the elderly or by facilitating internships for alumni in theatres.

Today, in Portugal, ESTC can be considered a centre of excellence in the teaching of theatre and performance arts.


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*all courses are taught in Portuguese



GRADUATION  |  Master in Arts

The General Council of IPL- Politécnico de Lisboa has fixed the value of the international student's annual undergraduate or master's degree for the school year 2020/2021 at  €6900, 00  (six thousand and nine hundred euros)