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International student

International student

International student is the student who does not have the Portuguese nationality.

It is not considered international student:

  1. The nationals of a member state of the European Union;

  2. Family members (spouse or partner in de facto union; direct descendant of less than 21 years of age or who is in charge of a citizen of the Union, as well as that of the spouse or partner; direct ascending who is in charge of a Union citizen, as well as that of the spouse or partner) of Portuguese or of nationals of a member state of the European Union, regardless of nationality;

  3. Those who, not being nationals of a Member State of the European Union and not being covered by the preceding paragraph, legally reside in Portugal for more than two years, uninterrupted, on January 1 of the year in which they are aiming to join higher education, as well as the children who with them legally reside (the residence time with residence permit for study does not release for this purpose);

  4. Those who are beneficiaries, on January 1 of the year in which they want to join higher education, of equal rights status and duties assigned under the treaty international outwards between the Portuguese state and the state that they are national;

  5. Those who require admission to higher education through the special access and admission schemes regulated by the Decree-Law No. 393-A/99 of October 2, amended by Decree Law No. 272/2009 of October 1.

  6. Foreign students who find themselves attending a Portuguese higher education institution within an international mobility program.

*all courses are taught in Portuguese


  • APPLICATIONS FOR 2023/2024

International students must apply for Bachelor or Master programs through a Lisbon Polytechnic application portal on the internet (supplementary information available here>), by later integrating into the local access contests in what the evidence and serials concern. The evidence of local access contests is described in the respective regulations, and their achievement implies the subsequent delivery of supplementary documentation.

The enrollments and inscriptions in the courses take place in the defined period for the remaining candidates for the courses.



The value of the international student's annual tuition is fixed by the General Council of the Lisbon Polytechnic Institute, on a proposal from the President of the IPL.
To the students in emergency status for humanitarian reasons enrolled and enrolled in the public higher education institutions applies the scheme of tuition, fees and emoluments fixed by the institution for the national students.

The IPL Presidency has fixed the following tuition values annual for the school year 2023 /2024  -€ 6900

By Dispatch of the IPL President the international students coming from CPLP Countries obtains a 50% reduction in the value of the annual tuition, setting the value at  3450.00 €  (three thousand four hundred and fifty euro)