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03_Tornados Espetáculo dos finalistas da Licenciatura em Teatro no Maria Matos Teatro Municipal 2015 Foto © Bruno Simão_0.png
03_Tornados Espetáculo dos finalistas da Licenciatura em Teatro no Maria Matos Teatro Municipal 2015 Foto © Bruno Simão_0.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1- I didn't complete my Bachelor in ESTC, what can I do to attend ESTC?

You can rejoin the School through a curriculum integration (definition of study plan for pursuing studies) and requiring the accreditation of the previously obtained training, so as to pursue studies in the subsequent graduate.


2- I have a higher course, how can I apply for the degree in Theatre or the degree in Cinema?

The candidacy of the holders of a higher course is done through the intended local course access contest, existing vacancies exclusive to these candidates.


3- Could I realize the application for a course in the ESTC, not having the conditions of access, namely the 12-year and proof of admission (national exam)?

If you are aged 23 or above on December 31 of the year prior to the application year, you can make the specially suitable proofs aimed at assessing the ability for the higher education attendance of the 23-year-olds of each of the graduations of our School. Only with the approval in this evidence is it possible to enroll in the local access contest.


4- What are the Proofs for 23-year-old Majors?

They are evidence effectuated in ESTC, previously to the local access contest, and that enable candidates who do not have the habilitation required to run for higher education and who are 23 to December 31 of the year prior to the year of the application.


5- What are the national exams (proof of admission in higher education) for access to an ESTC graduate?

The ticket proofs required of candidates from the general regime are realized through national exams. For access to one of ESTC's graduations it is necessary to obtain approval (minimum 95 on the scale of 0 a to 200) in only one of the following entrance proofs: Portuguese, English, History of Culture and the Arts, Descriptive Geometry, Mathematics or Portuguese Literature. The national exams, as proof of admission to higher education, are valid in the year in which they are made and in the subsequent two years.
The attestation of the title proofs of admission to higher education is done exclusively through Ficha ENES (National Secondary School Examinations) of the year in which the application, issued by the Secondary School where the candidate carries out the national examinations, is made. To obtain this fact sheet may be required of the candidate who does more than one national exam, as proof of admission in higher education.


6- Could you realize enrollment in curricular units not being an ESTC student?

Yes, as an extraordinary student, upon a duly authorized application and payment of the emoluments.    

7- I am not Portuguese, I have not been living in Portugal for more than two years, nor am I a national of a member state of the European Union. What conditions of access to the ESTC courses?

There is a status of the international student that implies conditions of access and diverse attendance of the remaining students.  


8- Doubts about Candidacies and access to the courses / Matricles, enrollment, receipt of documents, certificates and diplomas

To be remitted to  ACADEMIC AFFAIRS  

Tiago Ferrolho

Sílvia Noura   |


9- Doubts about payments, tuition and emoluments

To be remitted to  TREASURY  

Fernanda Lopes   |

Rui Gwill   |


10- Other important contacts

Core of  HUMAN RESOURCES | Teresa Pato 

Secretariat of the  MANAGEMENT AND LOGISTICAL SUPPORT   | Rute Fialho


Cabinet of  PRODUCTION   OF THE CINEMA DEPARTMENT  | Elisabete Merca

SERVICES DIRECTION  | Maria Carlos Galheto


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