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Cinema's Show | "Cut" by Afonso Rapazote and Bernardo Rapazote

Data do evento
31 de March de 2022
16:00 - 18:00
Faculty of Science and Technology

Converse with Vasco Costa | Professor at the ESTC Department of Cinema | IPL

"Cut" | Short-metre (2020, Portugal, 28 ')

Argument: Afonso Rapazote, Bernardo Rapazote

Photo: João Sanchez Som: Mariana Dionísio Mounting: João Pedro Duarte

Production: Pedro Campelo, Lisbon Theater and Film School Elenco: Afonso Rapazote, António Mortágua, Bernardo Rapazote, Gustavo Salvador Rebelo, Miguel Monteiro, Victor Goncalves.

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In the breast of an unbalanced court by the long absence of the King, where the women appear to have disappeared along with

the reason, the crown prince is murdered. Involved in the plot of the promoters of a decadent libertine spirit, the prince's brothers, twins, bear witness to the hunt for the homicidal. In the backdrop

background of the entire talk is born the individual desire of the twins by the dynasty.


School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA José Moura, Ana Alves Pereira, Ana Roxo, Ricardo Pereira Design: Ricardo Almeida / / @bibliotecafctnova