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Data do evento
27 de March de 2022
18:30 - 20:00
Studio João Mota-Small Auditorium ESTC
Master Theatre and Community

"Life is the art of the encounter though there is so much detour for life"  






What brings us closer and what does it stand out for us? What others of us come before us and with us arrive at the meeting places? Do we still find ourselves in the meeting places?  

Partching from the idea of the table as a ritual place, place of commons, and approximations, SOBRE (A) MESA brings to the fore the surging in the crowd. The automatism of societies and beings, the individualism, the lack of collective air, the affective sedentarism, the asthenia and lassitude of behaviors and encounters.  

Do houses still have neighbors? Does the technology still have Saudade? Is there still Community? What state is the Identity in? The cusquice died. And everything that in it was bad knows today, in dry terrain, the care and interest in the other.  


SOBRE (A) MESA it's a spectacle that results from the Theatre and Community Laboratory, played by the students of the 1st Master's of the High school of Theatre and Cinema, with artistic direction by Rita Wengorovius, and which oscillate between what we feel in a deep way and what we have left to feel

SOBRE (A) MESA we eat.  

SOBRE (A) MESA we are alive.  

SOBRE (A) MESA we devisit.

SOBRE (A) MESA we fall asleep.

And tu? Are you alive or asleep?


Reserves the numbers: 929445344 and 933246192



Cast: Afonso Sousa, João Carneiro, Leticia Astolfi, Leticia Sá Pine, Maria João Vieira, Marta Silvatro, Pedro Bleck, Tiago Póvoas Correia    

Cenography: Joao Carneiro  

Design of lights: Leticia Sá Pinheiro, Marta Silvatro, Pedro Bleck, Tiago Posvoas Correia  

Dramaturgy:  Leticia Sá Pinheiro, Pedro Bleck, Tiago Posvoas Correia  

Artistic Direction: Rita Wengorovius

Communication and image: Joao Meirinhos