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Until March 18 arise the inscriptions for the ACE Camp-formative action of the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program of the Lisbon Polytechnic. This initiative is aimed at fostering entrepreneurial spirit, creative and collaborative work and empowerment of participants to exercise active economic citizenship, which can contribute to the employability and sustainable development of the country.

The formative action sessions will take place, exclusively online, in the days 21, 22, 23 and March 25.

To the participants are assigned certificates of participation and registration in the Supplement to the Diploma. The winners of the Pitch on Stage are assigned monetary prizes.

Detailed information about the program and about the speakers, can be queried on the site dthe ACE.

The entries are effected online

The ACE Camp is organized by the Polytechnic of Lisbon, by the Academic Federation of IPL (FAIPL) and by the Academy of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship of the Polytechnic of Lisbon.

The initiative has as partners: bten and the POLITEC & ID and sponsors: NJB Ferreira Unipersonnel Lda, Ricardo Nazaré Luís, Lda and NC Insurance.

For more information to contact through the email