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Out of the Casca launches 2 webinars under the heading Education for Sustainability.

In celebration of the International Day against Climate Change, which takes place on October 24, Sair da Casca will hold its first webinar on the morning of October 22, between 11h30 and 13h00. Intended for companies, this webinar will rely on the presence of Marta Castelão Costa, of the Pestana Group and in representation of the GRACEDirection,   Mariana Pereira da Silva, Director of Sustainability of SONAE MC,   Sandra Aparício, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of Galp and in representation of the Galp Foundation, Sérgio Ribeiro, co-founder of Planetiers, Raquel Gaspar, of Ocean Alive and Martim Grange,   coordinator of the   Climate Fresk  - Climate Mural in Portugal. These special guests   will debate the importance of the companies ' input in education for sustainability, touching on the theme of the climate emergency.

The second webinar will take place on the afternoon of this very day, between 16h30 and 18h00, and is aimed at the educational community. What curricular guidelines and trends currently exist? Who are the agents of change to face the current environmental problems? To respond to these and other questions, we rely on the presence of DGE -Directorate General of Education, of the APA -Portuguese Environment Agency, Margarida Gomes, of ABAE, Sofia Oliveira and André Oliveira, 2 of the 6 young activists who are moving the process #youth4climatejustice against 33 European countries in the European Court of Human Rights and the Youth Climate Leaders.

Inscriptions here Webinar "The role of companies"-11h30 to 13h00

Inscriptions here Webinar "The education community"-16h30 to 18h00