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After the unravel of the first institutional sites of the IPL universe, it follows that of the Higher School of Theatre and Cinema, with renewed imaging, new functionalities, intuitive navigation and graphic coherence with the remaining ones. Little and little is given to know the result of a work that has rethought the online communication of the Lisbon Polytechnic and promoted the cohesion of a universe of 10 sites that integrate the higher education institution.

The ESTC website was officially launched, on April 27, at 14h30, with transmission on the Youtube from the IPL.

To mark the launch of the ESTC website, who follow up with ensuing via Youtube, you will be able to watch IPL Talk on Artistic Practices and Digital.   This initiative is always held that a new institutional site is given to know-the theme is , with the alumnus of the Lisbon Polytechnic, John Romão, encenician, curator, cultural programmer and current  executive and artistic director of BoCA . In the end, there will be a moment Q & A -Questions and answers.

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