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Fragments of the Tragic History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faust

Data do evento
23 de June de 2021 - 24 de June de 2021
12:00 - 16:00
Small Auditorium
ESTC Theatre Department


Faust searches for infinite knowledge overlapping power to life itself. In Fragments of the Tragic History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faust, the characters live in a struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, science and magic, in an undefined abstract universe. Where everyone can be Faust, and in Faust echoes a reflection of all.



We Started by doing a work of studying the text and research of both the universe of this text and the author, while working matter. Then we started working the spoken text, with the necessary rigour: referential marks, images, comparison with the Portuguese translation with the original in English, choose the scenes (or sequences) we were going to work with.

When we left Zoom and we could finally work presently, we started to be challenged with different bodily and vocal proposals in the various scenes, in constant discovery and mutation.

In articulation with the scene design colleagues we discover different qualities of the movement and of the scenes themselves, thanks to the scene. Everything has completed with the drawing of light, made by the production colleagues (who have done much more than that).

-Students of Interpretation B1


The Dr. Faust, dissatisfied with the limits imposed by the earthly existence, abhast of the knowledge acquired over the years. Attracted by the hidden arts, it seeks to fulfil its desires by means of a pact with Mefistopic, demon and servant of Lucifer. Thus, it delivers on its soul in return for an aprazible journey between different dimensions, continuously postponing its death. So one could sum up the action of A TRAGIC STORY OF THE LIFE AND DEATH OF THE DOCTOR FAUST of Christopher Marlowe, piece written between 1587 and 1592, but which was only published in the early XVII century, eight years after the author's death. This literary text, based on the German legend of Dr. Johannes Georg Faust (1480-1540), is certainly a text that presents a Faustic dimension followed by several burlesque episodes.

The reinterpretation of Maria Duarte emphasizes disconcerting images and it is through these fossilized images that create tensions and suspensions, which contribute to the plasticity of the text and consequently, of the action. The scenario welcomes interpreters so that they can shape themselves in it and causes the public to emerge in a timeless and indefinite environment.

-Students of Interpretation B2


"As if from a microcosmos if treated, in Fragments of the Tragic History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faust there are times, cycles, shapes and things that only exist in Fragments of the Life and Death of Doctor Faust.

On scene, different beings, objects and zones of the stage dialogue with each other.

Explores the annulment of the presence of the body, the notion of vacuum, the metamorphosis, the differences between scales, the contrasts between temperatures, the confusion between galaxy, seabed and center of the earth.

Geometric shapes conlive with organic forms, the transparency conlives with the opacity, the descendant conlives with the rising, the whole concurrently with the fragmented, the high conlives with the low, the ardence concurrently with the cold, the drawing conlives with the sculpture, the monochrome conlives with various vibrant colors, the acrylic conlives with the card, verticality concurrently with the horizontality, the revelation conlives with the dissimulation. "

-Students of Design Cena Design


The design of light, created   by the students of the production branch in collaboration with the other creative areas of the project, in which they include staging and scene design, has had as a starting point the idea of a universe where the organicity in finding refuge in the strangeness, manifests itself, in scene, engulfing in a penumbra that becomes necessary for the creation of the abstract imaginary of the oeuvre and which demands, on the spectator,   the utmost attention and the apur of your senses for your immersion in the environment created.

More than being the author of the light design, the production students have integrated the project since its inception, performing, still, among others, the functions of care   of staging, executive production, and technique.

In your opinion, it was a privilege to work on this project, having been able to share, with your colleagues from the other branches, the   guidelines of the encumbering, and particularly in your case, the guidelines of the production teachers and the support of the production office.

-Production Alunas

Fragmentos da História Trágica da Vida e Morte do Doutor Fausto


Artistic Fact Sheet and Technical

Orientation: Maria Duarte

Encending Assistance: Sofia Ramos

Cenography, Figurines, and Characterization: Irina De Falco and Rafael dos Santos

Direction of Production: Ana Miffon

Drawing de Luz: Ana Miffon and Sofia Ramos

Operation of Light: Sofia Ramos

Sound Operation: Ana Miffon



Turma B1:

Beatriz Forjaz like Coro, Wagner, Gula, Mefistopheles, Helen of Troy, Demonius 4

Catarina Barbosa like Coro, Cornelius, Superba, Luxury, Mefistopic, Elder

Catarina Pitrez like Coro, Preguiça, Faust, 3ºestudante, Demonius 3

Jaime Aragon da Rocha like Coro, Angel Good and Angel Mau, Faust, 2ºestudante, Cupid 2, Demonius 6

Marisa Sargsteel like Coro, Mefistopfeles, Ira, Angel Good, Faust

Selma Torella like Coro, Valdez, Avareza, Anjo Mau, Wagner, Demonius 1

Sofia Time Marques like Coro, Robin, Faust, Insee, Demonius 2

Tomás Barroso like Coro, Faust, Lucifer, 1º student, Cúpid 1, Demonius 5


Turma B2:

Diana Linguiça as Coro, Envy, Faust, Wagner, 2ºestudante

Inês Tiago Silva like Coro, Avareza, Luxuria, Mefistófeles, Helen of Troy

Joao Klymenko like Coro, Faust, Preguiça

Margaret Queirós like Coro, Valdez, Ira, Faust

Leonor Toscano like Coro, Robin, Soberba, Mefistopheles, 3ºestudante

Matilde Alexandre Romão like Coro, Cornelius, Anjo Bom and Mau, Gula, 1ºestudante

Nuno Alexandre as Coro, Faust, Mefistophefeles

Rui Flora like Coro, Wagner, Mefistopfeles, Lucifer, Elder


Pedagogical Team ESTC:

Branch of Actors: Maria Duarte, Margarida Marecos and Ana Mira

Ramo de Design of Cena: João Calixto, Stéphane Alberto, Sergio Loureiro and Rita Rosa Pico

Production Ramo: Andreia Carneiro, Conception Mendes, Miguel Cruz and Teresa Varela

ESTC Production Cabinet: Conceição Costa and Rute reis

Thanks to Mariana Sá Nogueira

Leason: 2020/2021