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Magnolia-The Pele of Vera Castro

Data do evento
18 de March de 2022 - 18 de April de 2022
18:30 - 21:00
Noble Hall-Teatro Garcia de Resende, Évora
Cendrev-Dramatic Centre of Évora

Vera Barroso Morais de Castro (1946-2010) was costume designer, cenographer, painter and Teacher of the Higher School of Theatre and Cinema of the Polytechnic of Lisbon. In Magnolia. The Skin of Vera Castro, in the opinion of Professor Doctor David Antunes, President of ESTC-IPL, " more than memory, what this exhibition points out is the presence and influence of Professor Vera Castro in the way of thinking, drawing and performing costumes for theatre and dance in Portugal. As the very own suggests in the book The Papel of the Second Pele, the relationship between interpreter and wardrobe establishes itself by an act of mutual appropriation that, rather than absorbing the relative autonomy of the two elements, emphasizes the expressive freedom of each and the dialogue between the two. How one does this and how one learns to do so seems, first and again, to result from a thorough knowledge of creators, interpreters and materials and materials, of what they have to say and experience. Many of those who have known Vera Castro refer to this in-depth knowledge, which translates also by passion and attention, and I, who I met her only in school context, I describe as an imprint of listening to the other, of making herself discreet, yet elegant and assertive, calm, nevertheless in creative boiling. "

Production: City Hall of Évora, CENDREV, Space Arts, ESTC-IPL | Curatorship: Paulo Morais-Alexandre-ESTC-IPL,
Luísa Marques and Sergio Loureiro Higher School of Theatre and Cinema-IPL

Free Entry