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PROJECTO_QUESTIONS rests on the conviction that artistic teaching is an experimental teaching, which finds its methodology in the laboratory regime.

Anually, it is suggested a theme, always open, from which professors and students investigate: each faculty presents a possible research roadmap, dependent on the choice of a particular point of view; and each student or group of students decides an approach and proposes an idea, that the (s) will lead to the construction of an object or event, with no restrictions regarding the use of languages or tools.

The project part of a theme-QUESTIONS-and integrates the Graduate Students in Theatre-Cena's Design branch and the Master's degree in Theatre-specialization in Cena Design that, working in small groups, with the support of the teacher pool, create objects and / or interventions intended for public exposure in a limited time space: the project develops in about two weeks, by cross-cutting the participants ' school calendar.

THE PROJECTO_QUESTIONS is the eighth edition of this proposal, anteceded by the FOGO projects (2016), ERRO (2017), MAP (2018), FALSE (2019), EXPLODE CORAÇAO (2020) and BARTLEBY (2021). In this presentation, it integrates into the Research Project Construction Test-Creation and Research in Cenography (IPL/2021/ECCIC_ESTC), funded within the framework of 6. th edition of the Concourse of Research Projects, Development, Innovation & Artistic Creation (IDI & CA) funded by the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon.















Questions 3 FOGO4












Authors: Filipa Caetano, Inês da Silva, Luísa Cortês, Teodora Trifonova, Maria João Arsénio, Tomás Lucas, Paulo Neves, Martim Rodrigues, Madalena Santos, Lara Faustino, Maria Catarina Antunes, Carlota González, Catherine Sousa, Cíntia Silva, David Tavares, João Native, Tiago Venceslau, Catarina Lopes, Matilde Salsinha, Francisca Gameiro, Mariana Fonseca, Sancha Viana, Adriana Santos, Beatriz Carvalho, Mariana Urbano, Ricardo Pereira, Beatriz Santos, Neusa Trovoada, Carlota Duarte, Rafael Santos.

Teachers: João Calixto, José Sword, Mariana Sá Nogueira, Marta Cordeiro, Sérgio Loureiro, Teresa Varela, Stéphane Alberto, Sara Franqueira, Rita Pico.

Support: Rute Reis. Photography: João Meirinhos, Gci-ESTC 2022.