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Call on students to collaborate on the drawing of the Action Plan and to participate in the ESTC Environmental Council

If you have opinions that you would like to suggest / discuss about the ecological sustainability of our School do not hesitate to get in touch:

(or asking for information in the Bibilioteca)

Shows your availability at beings a voice of change to increment environmental awareness in the ESTC community.


eco-ESTC (Eco-Schopus / Eco-Campus): is an international program of the "Foundation for Environmental Education", developed in Portugal since 1996 by ABAE and that aims to encourage actions and recognize the work of quality developed by the school, within the framework of Environmental Education for Sustainability.

Environmental Council (Eco-School Board): working group with an annual duration mandate, with representation of the students in majority, teachers, staff, parents, municipality and other elements of the community, which brings together twice a year, to suggest, discuss and evaluate the plan of activities in the area of the environment;

Environmental survey: diagnostic tool of the ecological footprint of the school community that allows for the identification of good improvement practices and opportunities; To answer the questionnaire click here.

Environmental Action Plan: planning / forecasting of the activities in the various fundamental work themes (Waste, Water, Energy), in the annually suggested themes ("Biodiversity-Preservation and Regeneration" and / or "Foreign spaces" in 2021/22), as well as on other themes that the school intends to work on.