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Applications to the Mestrate in Cinematographic Project Development


Access to the Mestrado in ESTC's Cinematographic Project Development takes place through tendering, in accordance with the norms of the course regulation.
The application takes place through the  portal of applications  of ESTC on the internet.

  1. Informational note [pdf]

  2. Calendar of the contest * [pdf]

  3. Curriculum Vitae [doc]

  4. Candidacies admitted to the contest [pdf]


* Calendar not applicable to international student applications.

Documents to deliver with the application
  • Document of identification / taxpayer card

  • Certificate of Habilitations (Diploma / Course Completion Certificate when matching a full course)

  • Supplement to the Diploma (if applicable)

  • Curriculum Vitae  (model of the School) /  Curriculum Vitae  detailed

Emoluments and Propines


  • Candidacy for the Master's course: €63

The payment of the application fee is effected through the payment reference obtained in the  application portal.


The IPL Presidency has set the following annual tuition values for the school year 2020/2021:

  • Propinas

MESTRADO  (not applicable to international students)

FULL TIME | € 1,800.00  (thousand and eight hundred euros).

PARTIAL TIME  (60% of the value of the full-time tuition. It applies exclusively to repeat students with 30 or less enrollment ECTS credits)

| € 1080.00  (thousand and eighty euros)


RE-ENROLLMENT IN THE MASTER ' S DEGREE FOR COMPLETION  (50% of the value of the full-time tuition fee. Applies exclusively to students who re-enroll in the 2-year Master's degree for finalization of the Dissertation / Project Work / Stage and Report)

€ 900.00  (nine hundred euros)




The General Council of the IPL has fixed the value of the international student's annual undergraduate or master's degree for the school year 2020/2021 at  €6900, 00  (six thousand and nine hundred euros)