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Workshop - "More than soundtrack"

Data do evento
28 de Fevereiro de 2024 - 1 de Março de 2024
18:00 - 21:00
Sala António Reis
Departamento de Cinema
Specifically aimed at emerging filmmakers this program is focusing on central topics like "musical character development" and non-trivial functions of music in film. It is designed to help directors/filmmakers create musical and sonic concepts in a more conscious way, fully unlocking the storytelling potential of applied music and sound design.
The program consists of 3 sessions (3 hours each w breaks):
Session 1) Presentation titled "Communication and creativity in applied music" 
        - what tasks can music fulfill beyond emphasizing basic moods
        - how to analyse music in film and media (from mainstream to experimental)
        - how popular media uses expectations and associations evoked by image+sound clichés in storytelling
        - how to plan and organize sound layers (dialogue, sound FX, music) for a transparent and effective film sound
   + interactive workshop, exercises include:
        - producing sounds and loops with simple instruments such as parts of our body
        - exploring chaos and discipline in the sonic world
        - giving sound reactions to picture - translating colors, shapes, visual concepts, characters' personal traits to the language of music
Session 2) Interactive workshop
        - developing stories from sound (and vice versa)
        - sound concept development and music briefing excercises
        - telling secondary stories (sub-text) with sounds
        - how to talk about music - developing analytical skills for observing aspects of a soundtrack, while learning basic terminology needed for an effective director-composer communication
        - main title soundtracks - matching quiz game
Session 3)  Interactive workshop
        - Stock music vs Custom score - case studies
        - how to use temp music
        - musical solutions in recent European Film Award nominated feature films, documentaries and animated shorts
        - creating tension with music and sound
        - story arcs, transformations and music dramaturgy
        - incorporating foley and found sound in soundtracks


Workshop is presented by Balázs ALPÁR (PhD) - composer, music coach, member of the European Film Academy. With an academic background from Budapest & Vienna, he has been working for 20  years as a music composer/producer for film, TV and media. He teaches film scoring & musical concept development at universities, film festivals and workshops. He has recently created music for the HBO docu-drama "ULTRA" (shortlisted for the European Film Award 2017), for AMC Networks' channel „JIMJAM”, a multi-award winning 3D CGI film for WWF/NatGeo "PAPER WORLD" , for the stop-motion short MATCHES (on the 2021 OSCAR longlist: best animated short), for the TV series „VIRTUOSOS”, and for the animated movies "The Grickles" (KUFLIK) I, II & III. He is the in-house composer and sound designer of Kedd Animation Studio lead by Oscar-nominated Géza M. Tóth. His applied music production company is operating inside the renowned building of Pannonia Studios, Budapest.