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Cine teatro

Conferência com Luís Miguel Fonseca: "Can arts and cinema support collective urban action?"

31 Maio 2021

22 March Introduction to the commons

Prof. Dr. Tine De Moor (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)


19 April Substantial communities: Multigenerational co-housing as a commoning practice?

Dr. David Scheller (Potsdam UAS)


17 May How can citizens organize themselves as a collective intelligence to master a common future in a sustainable way?

Prof. Dr. phil., Dipl. theol. Gerd Döben-Henisch (Frankfurt UAS)


31 May How is urban commons related to food?

Dr. Tarmo Pikner (University of Tallinn)


28 June Can arts and cinema support collective urban action?

Luís Miguel Fonseca (Politécnico de Lisboa)


The U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons is a joint project of the U!REKA partner universities in Amsterdam, Ghent, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Lisbon. Established in 2019, this international and interdisciplinary blended learning and research project deals with urban commons and focuses on different co-creation initiatives in these cities.

Link: U!R Commons Lecture Series – U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons